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The Italian Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (ITBMS) is included in European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme network, thank ABLE (Assessing Butterflies in Europe) project it been active since 2019 in our country.

Website of the Italian BMSParte la nuova stagione BMS (

Contact email: for any doubt or question you can write to this email



What is the BMS?

The Butterfly Monitoring Scheme is counting butterfly species using a method shared with all of Europe. The project aims to evaluate butterfly population abundances, to establish proper conservation strategies thanks to the efforts of many volunteers. If you like butterflies and spend time outdoor join us in the ITBMS, share your passion for these beautiful insects with all European people, becoming a citizen scientist




How you can join BMS?

Anyone could be part of BMS is easy…

  1. Choose a place closest to your home or your office in which establish a fixed walk (transect) or delimit an area for 15-minute Counts.
  2. Visit our website and register your account.

          See the tutorial video! 

  1. Email the national coordinators depending on your home region, share your ideas for the transect.

             Northern Italy: Simona Bonelli (,

             Central Italy: Leonardo D’apporto (

             Southern Italy: Stefano Scalercio (


  1. Read the Manual to have all information about the butterfly monitoring method.
  2. Download our Guides for butterfly identification.
  3. Start your monitoring, you can count butterflies by transect or using 15-minute Count.
  4. Upload your visit using the app ButterflyCount available for Apple and Android devices or directly on the website My transect walks.







Results Italy BMS people

The first annual report of the Italian BMS is ready, read the results from the first years of BMS, how much the Italian volunteers did in Italy, how many transects, where they are and more:







Field guides for butterfly identification in Italy

In Italy, there are about 290 species and the lack of identification guides is a problem. The Italian group of butterflies together with ABLE has produced easy Field guides for Italy. We divided Italy into climatic regions and selected the 72 most common species for each area. In the end, we produced 4 different field guides from specific regions: the Po Valley, the Mediterranean area, the Apennines and the Mediterranean islands. We organized the species by family and genus and showed special characteristics to allow correct identification. You can download the guides from here and print them directly (**field guides in Italian)

Field Guide Regione Pianura Padana (IT)
Field Guide Regione Appennino (IT)
Field Guide Regione mediterranea (IT)
Field Guide Isole del Mediterraneo (IT)



How to print field guides:

The pdf has 4 pages that you can print in two sheets on both sides.
The order of the pages is organized to print them directly.

When you have the two sheets printed, simply fold the sheets in the center and organize them according to the number of pages.







Collaborators Italian BMS

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