European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme


The European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (eBMS) is a collation of national Butterfly Monitoring Schemes datasets on behalf of Butterfly Conservation Europe.

eBMS is managed by the Natural Environment Research Council (acting through the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UKCEH) in order to facilitate research using the dataset and to promote the conservation of butterflies.



The eBMS includes several partners that provide their data every year from the different National Butterfly Monitoring Schemes throughout Europe. Currently, there are 21 formal partners in 19 different countries with their respective BMS. Click on the countries to see their National BMS websites and discover more about their butterfly monitoring, how to join and contact them.



Current national partners (in addition to BCE and UKCEH) in the eBMS are:

1. Austria (Viel-Falter)

2. Belgium (Flanders)

3. Croatia

4. Czech Republic

5. Finland

6. France

7. Germany

8. Hungary

9. Ireland

10. Italy

11. Luxembourg

12. Norway

13. Portugal

14. Slovenia

15. Spain (Catalonia)

16. Spain (Zerynthia)

17. Spain (excl. Catalonia, Zerynthia)

18. Sweden

19. Switzerland

20. The Netherlands

21. UK



If you want to set up a new transect in one of these countries, please follow the links in each country and try to contact the main coordinator. Some countries have their own online system to manage national Butterfly Monitoring Schemes. 


Partner meetingsmeeting

  • BMS coordinator meeting - October 2021

On the 21st of October 2021, the third meeting of the eBMS partners was held online: 60 delegates from 28 countries participated in a successful meeting with interesting discussions about butterfly monitoring, issues to solve in eBMS and updates on the future plans.

You can find the three different presentations of the session: David Roy with a review of the SPRING project and eBMS improvements planned; Cristina Sevilleja summarised updates of eBMS tools and Sue Collins a presentation about the future plans. 




Become a new partner:

We will be delighted for more new partners in areas where is lack a Butterfly Monitoring Scheme.  If you would like to become a new partner of eBMS and you are willing to collaborate and join eBMS, please contact



Apart from the eBMS partners, there are more countries and regions monitoring butterflies in Europe. Countries that are not partners of eBMS, without scheme or just outside of the European Union with different monitoring programs. These collaborators provide data to eBMS in order to contribute to the Butterfly Indicators or other types of results.




Belgium (Wallonie)