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Butterfly monitoring is vital for assessing butterfly population trends and to understand the causes of change. Over several decades and in many countries, butterflies have been monitored regularly and has produced many insights to support their conservation.

To support further development of butterfly monitoring, we have produced the following guide. 



transect manual


Manual for Butterfly Transect Counts

Transect counts are the main method used in the European Butterfly Monitoring Schemes.  You can download the Manual for Butterfly Transect Count to learn how to use this method. In this Manual, you will find useful information about monitoring butterflies with the transects including: how to select a place to monitor, where to setup your transect route, which simple rules to follow for a transect visit and how to submit your records. 

This Manual has been adapted for the following languages:

          - Portuguese

          - Polish (a Manual adaptation for Poland)

          - Spanish 

          - Italian 

          - Bulgarian

          -Hungarian (former version BCE Manual)






Basic Knowledge 

- Discovering the Butterfly World

Do you need to start from the beginning? What is the difference between butterflies and moths? How can I start identifying butterfly species? This simple PDF is explained the basic knowledge to start with Butterfly Identification, discovering the different families of butterflies and how to recognise the important characteristics. 




Field Guides for butterfly Identification

The Field Guides of the ABLE project want to be useful to identify butterflies in the field in an easy and simple way. The butterfly species are organised by families and genus and there are symbols identifying useful characteristics to identify butterflies species easily.

Go to the page Field Guides on the menu to see the different Field Guides.



Booklet Common Species Portugal Continental

This guide illustrates 60 common butterfly species in Portugal Continental and it is a great help for those just beginning to identify butterflies and want to participate in the Butterfly Census of Portugal. This booklet was produced with the ABLE project and with the help of Tagis - Centro de Conservação das Borboletas de Portugal

Enjoy the Identification Field Guide!








Butterfly Identification Guide from the European Butterfly Group 





A Photographic Guide - Butterflies of Central Europe & Britain by Peter Gergely


This Field Guide contains information to identify 269 butterfly species occurring in Britain, Western and Central Europe. With detailed pictures of identification characteristics and precise pointing marks, this Guide will help you to identify difficult and similar species.

Author Peter Gergely. A hard copy can be bought at the Dutch Butterfly Conservation.


Butterflies of Central Europe & Britain. pdf





eBMS Leaflet- Information

Here you can download an eBMS leaflet explaining the network together with the project ABLE for promoting butterfly monitoring in Europe. You can find this leaflet in several languages:


- Greek

- Turkish

- Spanish

- Italian







**** If you want to produce similar materials in your country, help us in the translation or have other suggestions, please contact us